Endwalker: First Impressions [LVL 83 MSQ Spoilers] - Dreary Middle

Endwalker: First Impressions [LVL 83 MSQ Spoilers]

24th December 2021 | Starring: | Categorised as: Podcast | Tagged with: Endwalker FFXIV Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG

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Endwalker has been out for a couple of weeks now so monotiller sits down to have a quick chat about how it’s going so far. Expect spoilers of the highest calibre to everything up to the mission, ‘Gateway of the Gods‘.

This also concludes the XIV’th month. Thank you so much for being with us on this journey through #FFXIV, we’ll be back soon to talk about Shadowbringers soon, don’t you worry


00:00 – Welcome
00:20 – Spoiler Warning!
01:51 – Soundtrack
02:26 – Cutscenes
04:25 – Walking Talking
06:08 – Guided Tour
07:49 – Reaper
10:24 – Meal Scene
12:19 – Invasion of Garlemald
13:11 – Garlean troops bit
15:25 – Narrations
15:58 – Mind Jack
19:33 – Tower of Babil
22:31 – Closing thoughts
23:34 – 2022… and beyond!

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