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Coronavirus and the podcast

20th March 2020 | Written by | Categorised as: Podcast Site | Tagged with: META

Hello all and I want to start off by saying that I hope you are keeping well in these times. I know that there is a lot to be worried about in the news currently but as always, keep calm and just make sure you’re keeping good personal hygiene and I’m sure we’ll pull through together!

Actually, it is specifically because of Coronavirus that we must bring some bad news regarding the podcast. We have now published three episodes of the podcast (which you may listen to here) and a fourth is on its way where we cover our thoughts on the two most recent films we have seen: The Lighthouse and Parasite! I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for listening to the podcast, it’s really meant a lot to us to have so many of you tune in so far!

However, after this comes a bit of a break in the podcast. As you may be aware, both @mr_turnabout and I (your main podcast hosts thus far) are University students however we both decided to take a trip to see our families in a quiet week before the coursework deadlines and exams started to get in the way. Well the day that we both decided to leave it started to get a little real here in the UK. I was halfway home when the decision was made to return back to University (due to family reasons) and @mr_turnabout decided that his trip would be extended indefinitely for the same reasons.

Of course we both assumed that we would only be home for a week or so, so we didn’t bother packing too heavily, especially since we had just recorded the most recent episode of the podcast as well. Which brings us to today where we are unable to record a podcast due to a lack of equipment on one end so I guess this virus really is affecting everything, even if it’s not even present! How rude!

We are not leaving you high and dry however, we have some articles lined up which will be on their way to you over the next week so keep an old blue eye on this site (or our twitter) for when those drop!

Anyway, that’s it for now, thank you so much for reading… and stay tuned!

Additional COVID-19 Information

Just to point you in the right direction so you can keep on top of all the latest developments, because we haven’t got a bloody clue:

But as always, check with your local medical team/governments to see what their advice is. Don’t take advice on these matters from anybody (even us lovely Electrical Engineers) except trained medical professionals THEY KNOW BEST! And of course, please give a big thank you to all those who are working in the various worldwide health services to keep things running and people healthy. And also to those working in retail and other public services who are keeping the country running! Thank you!

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