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The Grand Opening

13th February 2020 | Written by and | Categorised as: Site | Tagged with: META

Hi all and welcome to the grand opening of THE DREARY MIDDLE! Yay! So what is this website all about I hear you ask? Well, let me tell you all about it.

This site is going to be the place where all the members of The Dreary Middle come and gather to discuss the finer things in life that take our minds off of what’s going on in the world. We’ll talk about TV, games, films in a way that nobody else does. We don’t care about the popular opinion this is a place for genuine talk only! Plus we mainly will talk about things we like because we don’t tend to spend time on things we don’t.

So if you’re looking for a place for genuine discussions about some of the best entertainment out there, then you’ve probably come to a good place. Eh, we’re not going to oversell ourselves, that’s for you guys to judge us on

More on The Dreary Middle

The Dreary Middle is a collaboration between a few friends that met at University in the East Midlands™. This is what drew the inspiration for the name as we all found the Midlands to be a little, well, dreary. Nothing against the place but concrete clearly is in fashion here.

Your Hosts


An avid lover of Television, playing games and movies. Has a big soft spot for animation and as such takes the helm as the resident expert


Movies and TV shows are their first love, gaming is their second. A surprise to be sure considering all they’re known for so far is doing content on Free-to-Play games. But a lover of B-Movies and the classics but swear they aren’t a hipster, honest.

Where to find

Right here on this very website you will find our high quality written content there is no schedule at the moment as we’re just getting started but you can follow us at these following places to be notified of whenever new content comes your way:


This is where you can find up to the minute updates on articles, videos or podcasts that we post


We post videos here, podcasts too in video form!

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