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Hi, and welcome to the Dreary Middle, the website where a team of talented* writers bring you articles and podcasts that like to take a look at entertainment and say the things other people are too scared to say… like, The Sopranos is a good show.

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Endwalker: First Impressions [LVL 83 MSQ Spoilers] Dreary Middle: The Podcast

Endwalker has been out for a couple of weeks now so monotiller sits down to have a quick chat about how it's going so far. Expect spoilers of the highest calibre to everything up to the mission, 'Gateway of the Gods'. The post Endwalker: First Impressions [LVL 83 MSQ Spoilers] appeared first on Dreary ▸ Middle.
  1. Endwalker: First Impressions [LVL 83 MSQ Spoilers]
  2. Stormblood | Final Fantasy XIV Retrospective: Part 3
  3. Heavensward | Final Fantasy XIV Retrospective: Part 2
  4. A Realm Reborn | Final Fantasy XIV Retrospective: Part 1
  5. One Piece: Season 1 (East Blue Saga)


  • To boldly go where many blogs have gone before: A Star Trek series analysis (Part 1)

    I think that people have forgotten how great Star Trek truly is, there is this misconception that it’s just a silly Sci-Fi show for nerds and….while yes that may be true it is also so much more than that. Star Trek is an incredibly well written franchise, containing some of the best episodes of a series I have ever seen, even managing to hold up against the best shows that we have today.

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